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Services Portfolio Management 


iqi has innovative services dedicated to helping you create compelling service offers and sell them effectively. Our Service Portfolio Management frameworks provide focused, market-driven research on the best practices for creating compelling offers, optimizing pricing strategies, transitioning to outcome-based service offerings, and more. Partner with iqi to identify which service to develop, package, position, monetize and capture the value your organization needs to sustain them.

Business problems we can solve together 

Drive revenue through the creation of new market opportunities 
Designing, Pricing, and Launching premium service offers
Ensure Sales Team's readiness and ability to promote and sell offering 
Deployment of a repeatable Service Portfolio Management Framework 
Harvest existing IP & Case Studies into a new service offering

Strategic Assessment – Analyze composition of the existing client portfolio, case studies, previous projects, geocentric market trends and current solution offerings

Solution Roadmap - Identify and recommend new solution offerings and potencial development strategies:

• Harvested - from existing colleterial and assets 

• Created - created for a given market opportunity

• Alliance – Partnerships with a 3rd Party Platform

• Leveraging - potential new assets from M&A event

Solution Deployment  – Develop Sales & Marketing colleterial, Go-to-Market plans, Delivery Frameworks and resourcing strategies

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