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Professional Service Organizations Embrace AI-enabled platforms

As businesses strive to become more efficient, many are turning to Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) for expert guidance on digitization, process automation, and enterprise transformation. However, these so-called experts often lag behind in terms of their own technology adoption. To close the gap, some progressive PSOs are now harnessing cutting-edge Advanced Analytics and AI-enabled tools to drive their digital transformation efforts— resulting in fundamental changes to how they operate.

PSO's digital transformation journey is all about deriving a single source of truth from their data to enable better decision-making, drive efficiencies, and identify hidden growth opportunities. By embracing cutting-edge digital technologies, they will not only future-proof their business operations but also gain a significant competitive advantage.

"Smart platforms, enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, are transforming how we manage talent, plan capacity, and set prices. These efficiency gains can improve bottom-line profitability by 20% or more." – John Frankovich, founder of IQ Innovation.

A recent survey of chief financial officers conducted by PwC shows that nearly 48% plan to invest in digitalization and process automation to streamline their entire lead-to-cash workflow. These Professional Services Automation (PSA) platforms offer additional benefits beyond simplifying workflows, including intelligent resource requests, enhanced utilization predictions, resource allocations, and capacity planning. This tight integration between talent management and service delivery can significantly improve efficiency and profits.

As PSOs turn towards sophisticated PSA platforms to optimize inefficiencies and improve the entire engagement workflow, they need to be mindful of potential cybercrime and compliance risks. In the past, small and mid-size businesses could often overlook such risks; but in today's interconnected world, every business needs to be protected. Those firms who successfully execute their digital transformation and security strategy will benefit from increased predictability and agility, allowing them to break away from traditional limitations on growth.

"In 2023, strategic adoption of Advanced Analytics and AI-enabled PSA platforms will remain the major focus of Professional Services Organizations."

About IQ Innovation

Differentiating your Professional Services Organization can be a challenge. You must find new ways to grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize operations. At the same time, you're competing with other organizations that are also searching for innovative solutions. That's where we come in.

At IQ Innovation (IQI), we partner with Professional Service leaders to develop and execute tailored solutions that help them achieve their business goals. We take a hands-on approach to collaboration with our clients to identify new revenue streams, grow customer demand, improve CSAT scores, increase margins, and maximize profitability.

Our approach is based on years of experience in the services industry and a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. We empower our clients to gain a competitive advantage and reach new levels of success.

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